UK Trademark Classification

UK Trademark Classification.


Trade Mark Registration Procedure

Once you have decided to register your trade mark, you will need to do the following:-

a)  Decide on  the scope of your registration.     Remember that your Trade Mark is valid for 10 years therefore,  think carefully about your expansion plans and protect the areas that you intend to trade under using the chosen name.

b)  Contact us by email and we will conduct a Trade Mark search for you to ascertain whether your mark is available for registration.

c)   We will then lodge the application for you.  The Registrar will issue an examination report within 15 days after the mark is lodged.

d)  Your Mark will be gazetted  for two months which may be increased to 3 months if someone objects to it.  If no objections take place,  you will be issued with a Certificate of Registration.

e)   If objections are raised, then you will proceed to opposition proceedings .  We will review our fees if we  are to represent you under opposition proceedings.    If successful your mark will be registered.  Y Your mark may be rejected and hence not registered.

We are passionate about protection your trade marks and educating you on Trade Mark Law.

Why you should register your Business name as a Trademark!

  Why you must register your Trade Mark

  •  Registration of a Company with the Companies House does not offer you the exclusivity of using the name.   Whilst registering a company, you will have conducted a search at the Companies house to ensure that the name of the business is available.  This does not mean that the name is only available for your use only.  The only way to guarantee this is to ensure that you register your business name as a trade mark.
  • Once you have registered your mark, it becomes a property right and you can enjoy rights and remedies that are provided by the Trade Mark Act 1994.  This effectively means that you have the exclusive rights in the trade mark.
  •  Enjoying the rights and remedies available under the act means that you do not have to use the expensive tort of passing off to protect your mark!  You will be able to use the sign ® next to your mark and this can act as a deterrence to copy cats you will be aware that your mark is registered.
  • Should you wish to franchise your business, your trade mark will be your property which you can license to others to use at a cost! 
  •  You will have invested a lot of money in the marketing of your business.  Once your business acquires good will  it is important to ensure that no one else can use that name apart from you.  Hence you must register your trade mark.  Please email and we will register your trade mark foryou.
  •   Websites!! A common misconception is that once you have purchased a domain name then no one else can use the mark.  This is inaccurate.   Some businesses will not have websites and hence you will not be able to monitor them.  If however you spot a business using your name and you have registered your trade mark (at our competitive rates), you can send them what is known as a “cease and desist letter” asking them to stop using your mark.  It is an infringement of a registered trade mark if someone elses uses in the course of their trade a sign which is identical with the trade mark in relation to goods or services which are identical with those for which it is registered.
  •   Your mark will be registered for 10 years and can be renewed thereafter! Consumer protection.  As a trade mark acts as a badge of origin, your consumers will associate your trade mark with this origin which will denote the quality of goods and services that you provide.  This explains why companies value their trade marks!


Please email  We are happy to register your trade mark at a very affordable rate.